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Managing the COVID19 Pandemic: how to guarantee social distancing in restaurants when Europe begins to open back up?



Restaurants and bars have been hit hard by the recent COVID19 pandemic, and the struggle is not over yet. Even as European nations gradually start to relax the lockdown, restaurants and bars will not be able to go back to "normal" and operate at full capacity. The public in general will feel uneasy when it comes to spending time in crowded places. 

We are working with a selection of restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal, to develop a solution to this crisis. 

We are testing our wooden domes as private rooms for couples and groups, meaning clients can be isolated, but in public. The domes are easy to set-up and take down. They are also available in full transparent PVC and are very easy to wash. In Lisbon, we will be equipping the domes with disinfection systems, so as the space can be disinfected between uses, with no associated risk for the employees. 

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