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Cocoon Tree Tent White

Cocoon Tree Tent White

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    Estimated Arrival: Between Aug 08 and Sep 23. *ETA to the Europe Only

    Shipping & Returns: Free Shipping to Portugal. European and International Shipping available upon request.

    Why Buy From The Glamping Store

    A new way of sleeping in nature. Meet the cocoon bed:

    - A suspended robust spherical structure

    - Made in T6 aerospacial aluminium

    - Covered with a high-quality M2 fire-proof PVC membrane

    - Contains a wooden floor for a luxurious 2,5m circular bed!


    The cocoon bed is easy to install. Various set-ups can be used:

    1/ Ground installation: we provide 4 cocoon feet

    2/ Post installation: you can hang it on 4 wooden posts (20cm diameter posts)

    3/ Tree installation: you can hang it on 4 sturdy trees


    The cocoon bed is an ecological, off-grid and nomadic solution:

    - Reduced carbon footprint: the light pre-fabricated structure is flat-packed and

    easy to transport;

    - Easy maintenance and recycling: individual components can be repaired or

    replaced, and all components are recyclable;

    - The cocoon tree has no impact on the local flora or fauna.

    The cocoon is a comfortable space including: 

    - one zip door;

    - two windows with mosquito nets; 

    - one vent in the top section. 


    You can choose between the following configurations for your cocoon: 

    - full white cocoon, perfect for privacy in a campsite or cocoon village; 

    - cocoon with a quarter, half or full transparent top, perfect for a view of the sky and tree-tops, please see the other product listing on The Glamping Store. 


    Cocoon Tech-specs: 

    . Diameter: 3m

    . Weight: 300Kgs


    Cocoon Shipping Information. 

    . Volume: 2.2m3

    . Box dimension: 2.5m x 1.25m x 0.7m


    The cocoon bed can accommodate up to two adults and one child. It is customizable,

    and has a large number of accessories available. 


    Manufactured in Portugal by the Glamping Revolution!